Agape by Elizabeth. Falling Backwards Leads To Stepping Forward, Sometimes. Maria fic. Maria loves Michael. Who loves differently than Brody and Kyle.

Rearview Mirror by Elizabeth. Maria looks back at her past. This fic was voted best unconventional fan fic in the roswellian choice awards. Future fic written during season 1.
Dry Denial by Shana. Diane Evans remembers someone she's forgotten. Post Toy House.
Trash by Shana. Ava remembers Zan and thinks about her own life.
Red and Pink by Kate Andrews. Kyle and Tess reach an understanding. Set a couple weeks after ARCC.
The Self I See by Elizabeth. Ava goes shopping. Ava POV, UC, etc. Just amazing.
Soon by Gale Dumont. Lonnie tells Ava about home. Implied Ava/Lonnie.
Love Is Just Another Four Letter Word by Elizabeth. Who does Tess love? One-sided Tess/Isabel.
Girls of Summer by Bennie. A possible backstory showing how Liz 'really' met Whittaker. Liz/Whittaker, Liz/Max. PG-13.

Heart of Glass by Elizabeth. Tess isn't too happy with her destiny. She leaves Roswell.
Orange Crush by Elizabeth. Follow up to Heart of Glass, Alex's side of the story. Tess is gone, everyone's happy. So what's Alex's problem?
Under the Stars by Labrynth. Will star gazing lead to something else? Alex/Isabel.
The Lucky One by Elizabeth. Loving Liz Parker is easy. Isabel/Liz, written during season 1.
Minding by Mnemosyne. Kyle watches over Tess as she dreams. Missing scene from Surprise. Kyle/Tess. Nakedness, but no sex.
On Vacation by Gale Dumont. Er,, Kyle and Alex are on vacation. They drink coffee. Really cute. Kyle/Alex, PG-13.
Nothing by Greydon Creed. Someone loses control. In a good way. Alex/Isabel, NC-17. Set after Leaving Normal and Heatwave.
Unexpected Gifts by Debbie. Alex appericates unexpected gifts, and Kyle is one of them. Kyle/Alex. PG-13.
Circling by Northlight. Vilandra and Ava, Isabel and Tess, endings and beginnings. PG, PG-13ish.
Light by Uriel. "She's so different. Ava. She's not Tess. She's not Tess at all." Ava/Isabel.

Harsh by Amatia. "You don't know how sweet and tender and innocent she was when she visited me the first time." Tess/Isabel, mention of Isabel/Liz and hint of Isabel/Max.
Flee by Kate. "I'm leaving Roswell"- Isabel, Cry Your Name. Written in future tense.
Because by Firecracker. "Oh, that's right. You're here because I love you. Ain't that sweet?" Every word she says chips off more of Ava's heart and leaves her raw and bleeding. Ava/Lonnie, mentioned of Ava/Zan. R for sex and violence.
Who Are You? (You Are Me) by trixie. Liz thinks of everyone- but it all seems to come back to one person. Isabel/Liz.
Kin by Trixie. Isabel and Tess. Alone in a dead town. Their past together is revealed. R.