Liars by Inyron. James will never tell. Days of Remus/James.

Nothing But Quidditch by Spintwin. Oliver is really obsessed with Quidditch. Cedric/Oliver.

Runaways by Imochan. In which a lot of important things happen, but nobody does anything at all. "I know, all right?" says Remus, and he smiles when he tucks his shirt back in, so James supposes it must be. . Remus/James, R.

Sunday Night on Circe Street by atdelphi. A night in the life of Stan Shunpike. Stan/OC, R.

Into the Light by aerynalexander. Alastor Moody wakes up after being locked in a trunk for a year. And his lover is there to comfort him. Dumbledore/Moody, PG-13. Please don't shy away because of the pairing.

Handjob by lilymalfoy. Terry brings Seamus breakfast in bed. R rated fluff :D

Just Tonight by Elise. Tomorrow I'll be gone. James/Sirius.

Is by Holographis. Harry is nothing like Tom... Harry/Tom.

Just One Christmas by Kimagure. Just how much do James and Remus have in common? A late night conversation by the window. Remus/James, R.

Shiver by Aspen. Viktor and Cedric share a moment. Viktor/Cedric, First Kiss Challenge.

Inevitable by Sullen Siren. Time changes everything, and even the most precious days must end. Remus and James talk as their lives change, and old loves turn to new ones. When the smoke clears and love is ended, there's always one person left alone. PG, Remus/James.

Like Love, Only Stronger by Chainlink. Dudley Dursley falls in love with someone who is totally forbidden, and in the course, learns what hatred really is. PG-13. Dudley/Draco.

Romantic Notions by Demeleka. Draco has a strange habit that he picked up from his loving mother. Draco/Blaise ficlet.

Artistic by Caeyle. James is strangely drawn to Remus- but he doesn’t realise the depth of his want. That is, until now. Cutting, Remus/James, PG-13.

Mistakes by Redd. Cedric runs into Oliver at the Quidditch World Cup in GoF, and Oliver reminds him of things he'd thought he'd rather forget. Cedric/Oliver, PG.

Longbottom's Progress by Mad MArtha. Neville has an unexpected encounter with a classmate. Seamus/Neville.

Flavor by Rusalka. Ice creams. And a virgin wand. Ollivander/Fortescue.

Hurting The Ones You Love by Aspen.Takes place during PoA before the first Quidditch match. The chasers give Oliver a talk about Cedric, right before the two bump into each other... Cedric/Oliver.

Mischief by Kimagure. Take a disgruntled class clown and the school's most popular jock, add in two meddlesome twins and a well meaning Hufflepuff...Cedric/Lee. Takes place during GoF.

Breakfast by Glockgal. What does rubbing noses really mean? Oliver is frantic to find out. George/Oliver.

TITLE by Lurrel. For the First Kiss challenge. Terrence/Marcus. "He had never struck Marcus as much of anything with his quiet mannerisms and his sad eyes and his Muggle books ('Mudblood!' Adrian had hissed back when they were first years, until Marcus had punched him.) Regardless, Terence had made the Slytherin team in his third year, the same year as Marcus, and he was good. He was quick and sleek and graceful, and everything Marcus could possibly want out of a Seeker in his team."

A Prayer for You by Ambrosius. Remus's Christmas wish comes true. Remus/James, R.

Things Change by Mireille. written for the First Kiss Challenge. All Marcus wants is to play Quiditch. Adrian wants something else. Marcus/Adrian.

Happiness is a Boy Called Oliver by holographis. Ron isn't gay. No, really. Ron/Oliver.

How to Lose at Quidditch Without Even Trying by Beth/CG. "[Oliver's] still in the showers. We think he's trying to drown himself." Implied Oliver/Cedric.

You Will Never Get Up by DrWorm. James and Remus get to know each other a lot better. NC-17.