SOME of the best Hp art I've seen on the web.

Harry, Ron and Hermione studying, with Ron and Hermione fighting, by marta.

Fleur by Maggie Bradshaw. In her school robes.

At Midnight Remus, James, Peter and Sirius, sneaking around Hogwats at night.

Remus and Sirius grinning by Carrie-ko. Slash implied.

Nakid and making out!Cedric and Oliver. by marta.

Remus and James kissing by Ani. I begged, she drew, she rocks.

Presents by DoReMi-chan. Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry opening their presents, with a teary Dobby looking on.

Champions by dc. The four champions in GoF.

Yearbook by Raptoe. A yearbook page from Harry's year, along with messages from his friends. No Lavender and Parvati, though.

Black and white pic of the Weasleys by marta.

Trio drama by Moogle-chan. Cho, Cedric and Harry.

Flobberworms by Jia-Ling Adeline Tan. Hagrid teaching in PoA.

MWPP yearbook page by Ryuuri

Older Fleur. by Ginny W.

Bill and Charlie, walking in on Percy and Oliver *sleeping*. From a scene in "World of Strangers".
Cho Chang by Jia. class portrat of Cho.

Valentine by dc. Viktor and Hermione at the Yule Ball.

Santa Albus by Claudia Knulst. Dumbledore as Santa.

R&H sky by Moogle-chan. Adorable Ron and Hermione with the sky as the backround.

Percy and Oliver taking a bath, by marta.

Tom Riddle shirtless with a snake by Iris C.

Neville, Seamus and Dean by Ryuuri.

Romantic Moments: James and Lily by Moogle-chan. James hugging Lily from behind.

Cute lil Cedric by Ryuuri.

Featured your art here and there's something wrong? Got a great art I haven't seen?